THREADS & FASTENERS - Bolts and Screw Clearances

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Clearance Holes


Bolts and screws attach one material with a clearance hole to another material with a threaded hole. The size of the clearance hole depends on;


  • the major diameter of the fastener
  • the type of fit (normal, close, loose)


These clearance hole diameters may be found in the appendix of the Engineering Graphics Essentials book.


Bolt clearance


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Sometimes bolt or screw heads need to be flush with the surface. This can be achieved by using either a counterbore or countersink depending on the fasteners head shape.


Counterbores: Counterbores are holes designed to recess bolt or screw heads below the surface of a part. Typically, CH = H + 1/16 (1.5 mm) and C1 = D1 + 1/8 (3 mm).


Counterbore clearance


Countersink: Countersinks are angled holes that are designed to recess screws with angled heads. Typically, C1 = D1 + 1/8 (3 mm). 


Countersink clearance