ASSEMBLY DRAWINGS - Exercise: Working drawing package

The objective of this exercise is to show how a working drawing package is put together.


You will need your textbook worksheet for this exercise.


Consider the Clamp shown. Sheets of an incomplete working drawing package are given in your textbook. Complete/draw the assembly drawing, the detailed drawings off the individual parts and create a standard parts sheet.


Clamp assembly


How many sheets will be contained in our working drawing package?




What sheet number is part#1?




What sheet number is the assembly drawing?




How many parts will we need to draw a detailed draw of?




The first step in creating a final working drawing package is to draw the detail drawing for part#1.




Next, creating a detailed drawing for part#2.


weight plate


Next, creating a detailed drawing for part#3.




Next, we need to create a standard parts sheet.


standard parts sheet


The last step is to create an assembly drawing. When developing an idea or a design concept, the assembly comes first. However, once the design is complete and you are ready to draw the final working drawing package using a computer drawing software, the assembly drawing is completed last. This is simply out of convenience. The assembly drawing is simply constructed by assembling the already drawn details.