Engineering Graphics Essentials - Independent Learning DVD

Engineering Graphics Essentials - Independent Learning DVD


The multimedia content on this DVD is primarily a web-based html version of the text book series "Engineering Graphics Essentials". It presents a summary of the informational content found in the book plus interactive versions of the exercises, video examples and supplemental problems.


DVD Content


  1. A summary of the technical information found in the book
  2. Voice over content that explains the technical information
  3. Interactive versions of the Exercises found in the book
  4. Video examples
  5. Interactive versions of the Crossword Puzzles found in the book
  6. Supplemental Problems and solutions


Browser requirements ...


  • Allow active content.
  • Disable the popup blocker.
  • If you are unable to access the audio portions of this DVD, you may have to modify your audio players MIME types to support MP3's. A free QuickTime player may be downloaded from
  • Some of the animations require Adobe's Flash player. A free player may be downloaded at
  • If your computer does not have the GDT font, you will need to copy the gdt_.ttf true type font file to your FONTS folder. This will allow the GDT fonts used in the ensuing pages to display properly. If the following symbol 'n' looks like a circle with a line through it, you have the font. If it looks like the letter n then you need to install the font.
  • If the Video Examples skip, cut out or crash, try closing down all non-essential programs and running the video again.